Q. When does my weigh and measurements get recorded?

A.  Measurements and weight need to be done prior to the commenment of the program. A time and day closer to program need to be arranged.

Q.When are the measurements done?


Q.Who takes the photos?

A.Photos to be taken by Tony Furci or yourself. This can be done same time as weigh in and measurements.

 Q.Do I need to have the photos taken if I don’t want to?

A.No. The choice is yours. We do recommend a photo, as you will be amazed by      the transformation.

Q.How many training sessions are there?

A.There are 36 sessions over the 12 week period.

Q.Is there any cardio sessions?

A.There are no cardio sessions throughout the 12 weeks, all sessions are weights. All programs are structured into 3 week blocks. Program changes every 3 weeks.

Q.On what days are sessions held?

A. Days and times to be announced closer to starting date.

Q. Are there morning and evening sessions?

A. Yes there will be morning and evening  sessions. Days and times to be announced closer to starting date.

Q. Where are the sessions held?

A. All sessions are held at the 2fg studio. Locatesd 4/323 Pascoe Vale road, Essendon

Q.Do you need to be fit to start with?

A. Not at all. Our sessions cater for the novice through to the advanced. You work at your own pace. We teach and educate you along the journey.

Q.Do I need a doctor’s certificate if I haven’t been training previously?

A.Yes a medical check from your GP is advisable if you are not used to physical activity, have a medical condition, or ore over 50 years of age. Certificate is needed before starting the program.

Q. Do we get eating plans?

A. Yes, all participants will be given a detailed eating plan for the 12 weeks, using our software INutrition. Your calories and macronutrients will be worked out for you based on your weight and body fat.

Q. What’s the cost?

A. The cost is $1200 for the 12 weeks

Q. Is there a refund policy?

A. There are no refund for the 12 weeks.

Q. Can we do extra training sessions?

A. Yes you can do extra Personal Trainer (PT) sessions. We recommend this starting from week 6, once you’ve built a solid foundation of fitness.

Q. Where can I get support and advice from?

A. You can contact Tony Furci any day of the week 24/7 or ask any one of the other trainers. Everyone is here to help.

Q. Is there a danger that I will make new friends whilst undertaking the challenge?

A. Absolutely! You will get plenty of support and encouragement from all of them too.