QWhy do you need to record my weight and physical measurements?

A. Recording your measurements and weight is a fantastic method of keeping track of your changing body shape as you get fitter.  For a complete picture of your progress, taking measurements from different areas of your body including upper and lower body, will allow you to see your accomplishments and is a great motivator.  This is done prior to the start of the challenge and is private and confidential. Please contact Tony to arrange a suitable time.

Q. When are the measurements done?

A. At the start, mid-way (optional), and at the conclusion of the challenge.  Even the smallest change during the challenge is rewarding until you reach your goal.

Q. Who takes the photos?

A. Photos are to be taken by Tony Furci with absolute discretion at the studio and can be done at the same time as the measurements are taken. Please contact Tony to arrange a time. It is important that you wear appropriate gym gear which needs to be worn again at the final photo session.

Q. Is it necessary to have photos taken.  Can I decline?

A.  The choice is 100% yours and should not affect your progress, however, you will be ineligible to win a prize if we don’t have before & after photos. We highly recommend taking photos, as you will be amazed by the transformation for your own satisfaction.

Q. How many training sessions are there?

A. There are 50 sessions in total – 5 sessions per week for 10 weeks. The duration of each is 60 minutes.

Q. On what days are sessions held?

A. Session times and days vary from challenge to challenge, we announce venues and times closer to the start of each challenge.

Q. Where are the sessions held?

A. Outdoor sessions are held in local school grounds, while indoor sessions are held at the 2fg studio. Venues/Days and times to be advised closer to start of each challenge.

Q. Do you need to be fit to start with?

A. Not at all. Our sessions cater for the novice through to the advanced. You work at your own pace.

Q. Do I need a doctor’s certificate if I haven’t been training previously?

A. A medical check from your GP is advisable if you are not used to physical activity, have a medical condition, or are over 50 years of age.

Q. Do we get eating plans?

A. Yes, all participants will be given our no nonsense eating plan for the 10 weeks with lots of accompanying  support and encouragement.

Q. What’s the cost?

A. The price for challenges in 2019 $525

Q. Can we do extra training sessions?

A. Yes you can do extra Personal Training (PT) sessions. We recommend extra PT sessions to give you that extra kick start. 

Q. Where can I get support and advice from?

A. You can contact Tony any day of the week, or ask one of our qualified trainers. Everyone is here to help.

 Q. Is there a danger that I will make new friends whilst undertaking the challenge?

A. Absolutely! You will get plenty of support and encouragement from all of them too.  Many people have completed multiple challenges and a large part of their continued attendance is the camaraderie of the group for the common aim….to get fit, healthy and in top shape.