Rhett McDonald is an experienced and fully qualified personal trainer and is senior head trainer at 2FG. He is a Master Trainer in Cert IV.  He is an asset to our 2FG team and has a wealth of knowledge in the field of fitness and health.  Rhett has had many years of working with clients of different ages and levels of fitness.  He is a strong advocate for good nutrition and safe and effective training techniques as well as developing a healthy attitude to exercise.   He will be able to assist you with his no-nonsense approach to fitness and achieving your goals in a sensible and educational way.

When not helping our clients, he lives by his principles and enjoys hiking, running, training, music and chasing after his two small children.

Specialising in:

  • One on one personal training, specifically strength training
  • Pre and post natal fitness
  • Boxing and Boxacise
  • Rehabilitation
  • Teenager fitness