Will I be sore after my first session?

This will depend on your fitness.  If you are starting training for the first time or coming back to it after a long absence,  it is common to expect some muscle soreness, but this is only because you are waking up your muscles that have probably been a little inactive.  Symptoms will usually subside within 48 hours.   If you have been training consistently in the past, then the stiffness and lactic acid will be minimal but no-one is immune, even experienced trainers and body builders have a little soreness.  This process is called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and it is perfectly normal.  Rest assured, your body will adjust within a few sessions and the benefits outweigh the little bit of discomfort.

Do I have to pay a joining fee?

At 2 Feel Good Personal Health, there are no upfront fees. No joining fees, no annual fees, no membership fees and no contracts.  Our team provides exceptional service and as a result, our happy clients don’t need to be forced to commit to unnecessary fees.

What is the cost for personal training?

Please refer to our pricing page for our current prices.  You will find that we are extremely competitive.  We offer online payments, cash & credit card payments, and we also have a direct debit facility.

Can i get a refund on bought personal training packs?

With our very competitive prices with our training packs, unfortunately there is a no refund policy. Your pack is transferable to family members or friends if you are unable to continue your Personal training. When you purchase a pack there is no expiry date to finish your pack. You can take as long as you need to finish.

 How many personal training sessions do I need per week?

This all depends on your motivation. If you’re highly motivated and train most days on your own, we recommend one session per week with a trainer to get that ‘extra ounce’ out of your body and to benefit from updated methods of training. On the other hand if you’re a person who is time poor and needs motivation, then we recommend two sessions a week.

By doing two sessions a week, we believe this will get you into the habit of exercising on a regular basis. Your results within the first few weeks will provide the motivation and the energy to train on your own. With the guidance of our experienced trainers supporting you every inch of your journey, watch your fitness and energy levels dramatically increase.  You will be addicted to the ”feel good feeling”.

Ultimately, the number of sessions you do per week is in your hands. Feel free to have a chat to Tony & the team regarding your fitness goals.

What foods do I need to eat?

Your food intake will determine the results you achieve.  Here at 2FG, we offer a one on one consultation before your first training session.  It is essential to explain the value of nutrition and the role it plays in your success.  Specifically, nutrition makes up 70% and exercise is the remaining 30% for optimal health and fitness.

We will explain how to read food labels, debunk nutrition myths and understand how many calories you need each day. Understanding how food affects your training and shape is the most critical and important element of your future success.

Can I use the studio at other times?

As we are not like a regular gym, we are not a walk-in studio where equipment can be used any time of the day. We offer our clients the use of the aerobic equipment (excluding weights) prior to & after your PT session. The time you spend on the aerobic equipment is entirely up to you. There is no extra cost to use the equipment during this time.

Do I have one trainer all the time?

This is entirely up to you. You can have the same trainer or a combination of all 3 trainers, it’s your choice. We have three qualified trainers at 2FG. Due to many factors, it may not be possible to train with the same trainer all the time, so from time to time you may be training with one of our other experienced trainers, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do I have to be locked into a direct debit method?

There is no contract or lock in time with our direct debit process. You can stop or suspend at any time. There is no set up cost to you or any ongoing fees. If you prefer that direct debit payments come out of a credit card, there will be a small fee attached to your fortnightly payment. Please call Tony for further clarification.

What if I have to stop direct debit, what is the process?

You can stop your direct debit at any time without any charges, all we need is a week’s notice, so we can notify our supplier. Again there are no fees associated with stopping your direct debit.

I’m not sure which protein powder to get?

Here at 2FG, it is our job to source the right protein powder for your needs.  In all our years in the fitness industry, the one thing we have discovered is that it’s not so much what brand the protein is, it comes down to taste. At 2FG we offer you samples to try and let you decide which product is best suited for you.

Do you know of a good physio, masseuse or doctor?

This is a question we get asked regularly. We have a great network of referrals that we trust and use, so please ask us for their contact details.