Welcome to our members page. Here you will find programs you can do when you’re on holidays or not having a PT session. Most programs will have a timer and the one you’ll need is called seconds pro.

Enjoy the programs.



Home Program 1:Use Timer 15 sec ladder running + 1 minute

Warm Up Routine: Ladders, 15 seconds up to 1 minute, increments of 15 seconds. This is a great warm up workout to prepare you for your workout to follow.

Running on the spot for 15 seconds to 1 minute in increments of 15 seconds. Resting 15 seconds between each run or you can squat hold or squat pulse for 15 seconds, its up to you. As your fitness improves you wont want to rest between runs. At the end of the running part we add another minute of exercise. For this minute you can for example do 8 reps low jump squats and 8 reps push ups and keep repeating until the 1 minute is up. Once the minute is up, you go straight into a plank/hover for 30 seconds to finish off warm up.

Format Layout

W= Work, R= Rest,

Format looks like this: