What I do love about 2FG? I love the people! My trainer Tony Furci is always there for me – motivating me, supporting me and encouraging me to move, move, move! He is always a phone call or SMS away, whenever I have a question or queries re. my health and fitness. Then there is the ‘Challenge Family’ and the people – all ages, all levels of fitness. A group who never make me feel uncomfortable about my 2 left feet and my total lack of co-ordination…..LOL.

Tony makes training fun providing lots of variety – you never know if you are going to be weight training, boxing, doing cardio work or a mix of different things. I have been a member of many PT studios, gyms and boot camps – I can honestly say that I will be with 2FG for the long term! I am a much healthier person for having 2FG in my life!

You are doing a great job guys – thank you.

Sharon Stolz

Since training with 2FG I have never felt better. Tony is terrific, he is an outstanding master of his craft with a wealth of health and fitness knowledge. I no longer dread working out. Thanks 2FG.

Anne Lucas

In March 2012, I was sitting with a group of friends and I asked if anyone knew of a good personal trainer, one of them suggested I give Tony at 2FG a call. From the moment i made that call I knew I had found my personal trainer. I’ve had personal trainers in the past, but I have learned so much more since training with Tony than I had since I started my weight loss journey back in 2001.

I used to weigh 152kgs and when I started training with Tony I weighed 82kgs. I had the last 10kgs or so to drop and I needed his help to get the last lot of weight off. Tony knows his stuff. He has taught me how to understand the labels on food packaging, he has guided and fine-tuned my eating plan and he trains me hard every week. He knows how to get the best out of me. Every time family or friends comment about my physical change, I always give credit to my personal trainer Tony because he has helped me become a better version of myself.


I’ve been training at 2FG for a number of years and no two training sessions have been the same. The variety helps to keep you motivated. Tony takes into account any restrictions or injuries you may have to make your workout work for you every time.