One on One is the original format for Personal Training.  It is a great way to get the best out of you.  We provide ongoing motivation, prevent injuries and enhance your mindset.   All the focus is on you to ensure correct technique and to drive you to your training threshold. We personalise your training program, work with your strengths and improve your weakness to ensure we strive towards your fitness goals.  We take care of the thinking part of your training.

Similar to One on One, Two on One is cost effective and also a great way to train with a like-minded friend and keep you both motivated. The focus is still squarely on you both as you would receive in one on one training. This is a great way to have fun and still reach your fitness goals.

This is one of our most popular training formats.  Since starting our first challenge way back in June 2006,  the challenge has grown from strength to strength.  It’s a 10 week program, 3 x 60 minute training sessions each week. For all the relevant information regarding upcoming challenges, please visit our challenge page.

Boxing training is one of the quickest ways to becoming fit and strong, burning an average of 500 calories plus per session. We cater to all ages and fitness levels. No experience is necessary as we will teach you the boxing techniques you need to know.  Our boxacise classes are popular, fun and are also great stress busters.   Keep an eye out on our home page for when the next block of boxing is scheduled to start.


12 Weeks to a new you, a proven package that works.  By evaluating your current fitness and comparing it to where you would like to be we work together to create a program that works to achieve your goals throughout the 12 weeks, and a plan for after the 12 weeks. We have beginners and semi/Advanced programs.

Small Group Personal Training, 3-4 people

Some people enjoy the team aspect of training with other people or a group of friends.  This is also a cost effective way of training.   When we train these small groups, our training towards the group is still personalised. Everyone works at their own level of fitness. Please email how we can help you.

Women Only Classes

This is especially designed for women and is a great motivator because it exposes you to a fun and social environment.  You will meet like-minded women who want to get fit.  You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat and you’ll work hard.  Group classes generally have high success rates because you tend to push yourself harder if you have company.  This is not just a theory, but based on real life research.   What have you got to lose except perhaps a few kilos?

Please email how we can help you.


Pilates is a unique program developed in the early 1920’s by Joseph Pilates. Pilates movements require you to engage virtually your whole body.   Pilates is diverse in that you will be strengthening one muscle while stretching another.  The moves while simple, require concentration and focus and work off the principles of control, centering, breathing and core stabilisation.  It is very different to the motions of using gym equipment.  Pilates enhances body awareness and conscious control.  It is a progressive exercise system that builds and enhances complete body coordination.  The benefits offer improved flexibility, agility and strength.

Please email how we can help you.